1. I'm obsessed with the show New Girl and I love to watch it while I'm editing your photos.
  2. I grew up wanting to be a Dental Hygienist and actually worked in the dental field for 4 years. I realized photography was a huge part of my life and started my business soon after. I am able to add forensic dentistry to my resume so if you want to know more about that...let me know!
  3. You can catch me in a crew neck anytime of the year. Love those things!
  4. My favorite season is fall. Here in Wyoming, we get some pretty bright colored changing leaves and I look forward to it every year!
  5. I absolutely love using exclamation marks after every sentence because how else are you supposed to type with your emotions?!
  6. When I'm not photographing couples or families, you can find me cuddling up on the couch with my husband Kadyn and our mini schnauzer, Bailey!